Real Estate Equity

Seeks growth and appreciation by acquiring high-quality properties in favorable markets.

MetLife Investment Management (MIM) offers investors a Real Estate Equity strategy that seeks to achieve income growth and capital appreciation by acquiring high-quality properties in markets with favorable economic drivers. MIM seeks to invest in the top 30 U.S. markets, particularly those with a concentration of knowledge workers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics occupations. Additionally, MIM engages in build-to-core investing. In sourcing real estate equity investments, our professionals benefit from their extensive industry relationships, investment experience, and active deal flow while maintaining underwriting discipline and proper risk management.

Why Real Estate Equity

  • Potential for attractive and stable income returns appreciation for growth
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Opportunities for attractive risk-adjusted return relative to other asset classes


  • 100+ years of real estate experience
  • Manages on behalf of MetLife, one of the largest real estate investment managers
  • Management team averages 20 years with MIM
  • Performance and accountability-oriented culture is supported by 180+ real estate professionals
  • Seeks to be a selective buyer and a disciplined and opportunistic seller
  • Deep relationships and scale with reputable owners, developers and operators

Real Estate Equity Solutions

  • Custom Managed Account Structures and Solutions
  • Joint Ventures in a REIT Structure (Foreign & Domestic Clients)
  • Other Structured Solutions