Long Duration CMO

Customized, actively managed Long Duration Agency CMO portfolios

MetLife Investment Management (MIM) offers a Long Duration CMO strategy that seeks to offer investors a customized, actively managed long duration debt portfolio that can generate attractive current income and total return through business cycles and changing market environments, focused on investing in long duration Agency CMO assets.

Why Long Duration CMOs

  • Potential for attractive returns relative to other long duration fixed income sectors
  • Generally lower standard deviation of returns relative to other long duration sectors
  • Liquid and high credit quality securities that are either explicitly or implicitly backed by the U.S. Government and government sponsored-enterprise (GSE)
  • Customizable investment options, depending on client duration needs


  • Seasoned portfolio team of 4 dedicated investment professionals, with 13 years average industry experience, dedicated to agency mortgage products
  • Deep, long-standing relationships within the investment banking community 
  • History of investing across different investment cycles (e.g. low liquidity, prepayment, political) 
  • Proprietary deal-level and scenario analysis

Structured Finance Solutions

  • Customized, Actively Managed Long Duration Agency CMO Portfolios