Opportunistic Structured Finance

Customized, actively managed Structured Finance portfolios.

MetLife Investment Management (MIM) offers an Opportunistic Structured Finance strategy that seeks to offer investors a customized, actively managed debt portfolio that can generate attractive current income and total return through business cycles and changing market environments, focused on investing opportunistically across select structured finance sectors, including Non-Agency RMBS, CMBS, ABS, and CLOs.

Why Structured Finance

  • Large, liquid market with proven resiliency
  • Potential for enhanced yield relative to other fixed income sectors
  • Exposure to diverse end-markets, including commercial real estate, U.S. housing and the U.S. consumer
  • Fixed or floating-rate assets with a variety of tenors, depending on needs
  • Potential for investor protection through credit enhancement and other structured elements


  • Seasoned investment team of 28 professionals specialized in Structured Finance 
  • Senior team has an average of 16 years investing together at MIM 
  • Sizeable and consistent market presence
  • Established industry thought leader; consulted during global financial crisis
  • Long-standing relationships in the industry, both with research and trading partners
  • Asset innovator in new and bespoke transaction structures to help meet client needs

Structured Finance Solutions

  • Customized, Actively Managed Structured Finance Portfolios