Infrastructure and Project Finance Debt

MetLife provides capital for infrastructure development, power generation, oil and gas and mining.

Infrastructure and Project Finance

Infrastructure debt private placements offer the following advantages for borrowers:

  • Diversification of funding sources
  • Longer maturities than available from banks
  • Certainty of execution and confidentiality
  • Flexible drawdowns (set coupon, draw funds later)
  • Stable market characterized by steady demand from buy-and-hold investors
  • Multiple currencies available
  • Low issuance cost
  • Ancillary business is not expected


  • Solid capital position, financial strength and capacity
  • A leading private placement investor with a portfolio of $66.1 billion1
  • Originated $11.2 billion in corporate private placements, infrastructure debt and other private transactions during 2017
  • Dedicated team of experienced private placement professionals in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America
  • Streamlined approval process allows for quick and efficient execution

Investment Criteria

Preferred size
$25 million to $300+ million (per transaction)
Credit Quality Investment grade (no agency ratings required)
Maturities Up to 30 years. Multi-tranche, bullets or amortizing structures
Coupon Fixed rate or floating rate
Currency Any major currency

1 Includes MetLife general account assets and assets managed on behalf of unaffiliated/third party clients as of 12/31/17.