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Break the Habit: Commit to Quit

Help tobacco habits go up in smoke

Strengthen employees’ resolve to give up smoking today.

Containing the same toxic chemicals as rat poison, lighter fluid and paint thinner, cigarettes harm smokers with every inhalation. But the good news is that, with a little education, you can help motivate your employees to protect themselves and the people around them. Our toolkit, “Break the habit: Commit to quit,” provides everything you’ll need to kick off a smoking cessation campaign at your company that will encourage employees to stop smoking, and help you address healthcare cost drivers.

The toolkit includes:

  •  Campaign objectives
  •  Educational booklet
  •  Marketing materials (flyers, short articles, and an email campaign)
  •  Campaign evaluation form

Get started now. Fill out the form on the right to access our “Break the habit: Commit to quit” toolkit and start promoting healthier habits today!