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Grant Process

All grants must be made through our online application system.

Financial inclusion grant requests are accepted and reviewed throughout the year. For grants that address areas other than financial inclusion, the Foundation is accepting requests for support by invitation only.

If a request meets the Foundation's eligibility guidelines (see below) and program priorities, then both the organization and proposal will be fully evaluated.

In the evaluation of the organization, the factors considered include the organization's general structure, objectives, history and management capability; its relationship to the community and the population to be served; its position relative to organizations performing similar functions; and its financial position and sources of income.

In the evaluation of a project, the factors considered include the project's goals and implementation plans; length of time for the project to be complete; the ultimate disposition of the project; benefits of the projects; and the sources of financial and other support.

In deciding the amount of support, the factors considered include availability of funds, relative priorities and funding patterns.

Grant renewals are not automatic and cannot be guaranteed from year to year.

Grant Eligibility Checklist

To be considered for a MetLife Foundation grant, an organization must be:

  1. A qualified 501(c)(3) organization with a valid IRS Tax ID or equivalent organization
  2. Not seeking a grant for any of the following:
    • Private foundations
    • Religious, fraternal, political, athletic or social organizations
    • Hospitals
    • Individuals
    • Local chapters of national organizations
    • Disease-specific organizations*
    • Labor groups
    • Organizations primarily engaged in patient care or direct treatment, drug treatment centers and community health clinics.
    • Direct contributions to elementary and secondary schools (including charter, parochial and private schools)
    • Endowments
    • Courtesy advertising or festival participation
    • Sponsorships (golf tournaments, dinners, etc.)

* Alzheimer's groups may apply (a focus area of MetLife)

Apply for a Grant

Financial Inclusion
in Action

The true impact of MetLife Foundation's financial inclusion commitment is best told through the individual stories of those that take what they learn and transform their lives.

Learn about how Pro Mujer is providing women in Latin America access to financial services.


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