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Social Investment Programs

Through the use of debt and equity investments, MetLife's Social Investment Program supports community development ventures that do not meet the customary investment criteria of private and institutional investors. Established in 1984, the program has underwritten projects in affordable housing, commercial revitalization, land preservation, health care centers, economic development, arts and education.

Usually structured as loans, social investments offer favorable rates for projects that address significant social needs. Investments are considered primarily for nonprofit organizations and their subsidiaries. In addition, investments with a clearly demonstrated social purpose in for-profit entities are considered on a case-by-case basis. In general the program is seeking organizations with a record of achievement and the potential for growth that apply innovative approaches to emerging or intractable social problems.

Social investment eligibility checklist:
Projects are evaluated based on:

  • Whether they address a significant social need related to MetLife's program interests
  • Financial feasibility
  • Management capability
  • Leverage
  • Impact
  • Community support

Amounts, rates and terms are considered on a case-by-case basis. However, investments of $3-5 million with terms under 10 years are preferred.

How to apply
MetLife welcomes requests for social investments within the guidelines and program areas set forth. Inquiries can be made by email describing the organization and its proposed project, including its social purpose and economic feasibility. If an organization is asked to submit a formal application, the following information will be required:

History - A brief description of the organization and its purpose, activities, management and governing board.

Project Description - Details of the proposed project, including amount and use of requested financing, total project costs, project objectives, and timeline for completion.

Statement of Social Purpose - Description of the need addressed by the project and the social benefits resulting from it.

Financial Information - Audited financial statements for the last three years and a copy of the organization's current operating budget.

Requests will be accepted and reviewed throughout the year. Please keep information brief; additional information will be requested if necessary. Please send requests by email to:

Apply Today

Requests for Social Investments will be accepted & reviewed throughout the year at


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