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Access to Insights

As part of our mission to advance financial inclusion, MetLife Foundation will share what we learn by gathering knowledge from our partners and the communities we work with. We will offer our insights to the financial inclusion community to help enhance our approach and advance our common goals.

Recent initiatives in this area include:


CFED and the Savings Innovation Learning Cluster (SILC)

An exciting new partnership that believes affordable, accessible and well-designed financial services can transform the lives of low- and moderate-income individuals and families.

A focused effort to develop, test and evaluate innovative products and strategies with a goal of identifying promising ideas that can then be further refined, replicated and brought to scale.

Financial Inclusion 2020

Sponsoring the Financial Inclusion 2020 Global Forum and disseminating findings shared at the conference with the broader community

The Global Forum will be a landmark event for expanding global financial inclusion with an innovative approach and carefully selected participants. The Forum will be a unique opportunity to engage a broad range of players in financial inclusion in a collaborative environment where they can map the action agenda for achieving financial inclusion by the year 2020.


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