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Access to Services

As part of our mission to advance financial inclusion, MetLife Foundation will partner with experts in the field to deliver high-quality services like savings, microinsurance and credit to low-income individuals and ensure they are prepared, incentivized and excited to improve the lives of their families and communities.

Recent initiatives in this area include:


Innovations for Poverty Action

Piloting and testing new "commitment savings" products in India and Bangladesh that empower low-income individuals to effectively build and maintain assets

These "commitment savings" products have proven to help users overcome behavioral and social barriers that prevent many individuals from reaching their savings targets and making desired investments in the future. Commitment savings products allow households to set aside money for a predefined goal with either soft commitments, such as simply labeling a savings account with a particular goal, or hard commitments, such as the imposition of withdrawal restrictions on money stored in an account.

Women's World Banking

Increasing access to capital for women entrepreneurs in India through the expansion of an individual loan program

The predominant lending methodology in India is the group loan, which can be a powerful tool for introducing low-income entrepreneurs to the financial system but may not provide sufficient capital to grow individual businesses. This pilot allows a woman entrepreneur to "graduate" from the group loan to an individual loan where the loan’s size and terms are determined by cash flow generated by her business and her capacity to repay, rather than her participation in group lending. This change in underwriting is vital to allowing entrepreneurial women control of their loans and businesses.

Pro Mujer

Establishing a new Pro Mujer neighborhood center in Oaxaca City, Mexico, enabling women in the region to receive Pro Mujer's unique offering of microfinance services coupled with health screening and empowerment training

This community-based banking model recognizes that poverty is a multi-dimensional problem that requires a holistic approach to empower poor women to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.


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