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Individual Annuity Performance Reports

Click below to review monthly performance reports in a PDF format.  The MetLife Insurance Company USA products listed below are no longer available for new sales or are available only in certain jurisdictions.


MetLife Access
MetLife Access Select

Flexible Premium Deferred Variable Annuity Series

Flexible Premium Deferred Variable Annuity

Flexible Premium Variable Annuity Series

Flexible Premium Variable Annuity

Marquis Series

Marquis Portfolios

Portfolio Architect Series

Portfolio Architect Access
Portfolio Architect II
Portfolio Architect L
Portfolio Architect Plus
Portfolio Architect
Portfolio Architect 3
Portfolio Architect Select
Portfolio Architect XTRA

Premier Advisers Series

Premier Advisers III
Premier Advisers L
Premier Advisers AssetManager
Premier Advisers
Premier Advisers II

PrimeElite Series

PrimElite II

Principal Protection Series

Protected Equity Portfolio
Index Annuity

Scudder Series

Scudder Advocate Advisor
Scudder Advocate Rewards
Scudder Advocate ST1

Vintage Series

Vintage Access
Vintage II Series II
Vintage L
Vintage XTRA Series II
Vintage 3
Vintage II
Vintage XTRA

Variable Annuity Prospectuses, Performance & Reports

View MetLife's variable prospectus and performance information


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