Plan Sponsor Materials

Plan Sponsor Materials

Meeting with a Plan Sponsor?

Utilize these marketing materials to help educate Plan Sponsors and equip them to work with their employees in reaching their retirement goals. It’s important to return to the site to obtain the most up-to-date material.

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IRS Annual Contributions Limits Flyer Self-Print MLR19000340056-8
Plan Sponsor Fee Disclosure Email Template ERISA N/A MLR01172023
Secure Act Flyer Self-Print MLR12202019
Your Guide to 403(b) Program Flyer Self-Print MLR19000329053-10
Your Guide to Governmental 457(b) DCP Order MLR19000329051-10
10 Reasons to Contribute Self-Print MLR19000548001-4
Administrative Facts at a Glance Self-Print MLR19000340066-7
Fee Disclosure for ERISA Retirement Plans/White Paper on Empower Self-Print MLR19000340166-5
Participant Online Enrollment Flyer Self-Print MLR398145-2
Participant Online Registration Brochure Self-Print  MLR19000329060-3
Participant You're in Control Flyer Self-Print MLR213370-6
Plan Sponsor Online Enrollment Flyer Self-Print MLR398154-2
Value Prop Flyer Self-Print MLR398138-4
Employee Email from Plan Sponsor Self-Print MLR1968393-7
MetLife Two Pocket Folder Order N/A
The MetLife Retirement Advantage Self-Print MLR349638WSD-7
eService MRPS Plan Sponsor Flyer Self-Print MLR398142-5
New Participant Welcome Flyer Self-Print MLR19000329065-7
Participant Online Enrollment Flyer Self-Print MLR398146-4
Participant You're in Control Flyer Self-Print MLR213270-8

How to Obtain Marketing Materials Self-Print  MLR200510-1
MLR Certification Training Self-Print  MLR19000340186
MLR Services Guide Self-Print  MLR398156-5
Plan Sponsor Guide to ERISA Self-Print  MLR04242023
RMC Map Self-Print  MLR236505-6

MLR Service Guide Self-Print MLR 398156-6
Plan Administration Resources Flyer (Empower) Self-Print MLR213320-4
Plan Service Center Brochure Print MLR19000340122-5
Plan Sponsor Flyer (wMA) Self-Print MLR398142-3
To Do List Flyer (Empower) Self-Print MLR398147