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Healthy, Retiring Rapidly and Collecting Social Security: The MetLife Report on the Oldest Boomers

Now turning 67 years old, the first set of Baby Boomers, those born in 1946, continue to be myth-busters, according to this new study. The data says the earliest Boomers aren’t necessarily “working ‘till they drop,”as was predicted.

Creating a Livable Community: Engaging All Generations and Improving Quality of Life.

To help towns, cities and states throughout the U.S. make their communities friendly to an aging population, this publication contains specific solutions for inter-generational living in the areas of housing, transportation, safety, health care, support services, retail services and social integration.

The MetLife Study of Gen X: The MTV Generation Moves into Mid-Life

They may have been known as the MTV Generation or sometimes “the slackers,” when they first started entering the workforce more than 25 years ago, but members of Generation X (Gen X, those born between 1965 and 1976) are now as affluent, stable and saddled with responsibility as their parents were at the same age.

Those over the age of 40 may be making a negative impact on the future of the U.S. economy with the way they eat, live and keep track of their health, in essence rejecting a preventive lifestyle. 

Communities in the U.S. can follow a relatively simple and low cost initial set of indicators to determine if their services meet the needs of an aging population.

Contrary to conventional wisdom that cognitive function declines beginning in the mid-forties, aging does not correlate with deteriorating ability to think for ourselves.

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