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The Essentials


Our Essentials offer answers to common questions on topics from health care to housing.

Legal Matters

At some point, you may have to make financial or health care decisions for your loved ones.  We are pleased to offer this Essentials piece as a useful tool in understanding wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other legal matters.

Receiving Care at Home

This piece is intended for anyone needing care at home, whether it be for you, or for someone you are caring for who needs assistance with day-to-day activities of daily living. 

Retirement Planning: Health Care Considerations

Among the considerations when planning for retirement are future health care expenses. This brochure is intended to provide, in question-and-answer format, a brief overview of the reason this is such an important concern and some of the key considerations to explore as you head toward retirement. 

Reverse Mortgages

For many homeowners age 62 and over, a reverse mortgage could be an important option for financial flexibility. It can provide a way to access part of your home equity to use loan proceeds for what you want or need, while you retain ownership and continue living in your home.

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