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Helpful Hints, Tips and Workbooks


Get step-by-step suggestions for handling challenges and considering options when you or a loved one needs care.

Healthy Brain, Healthy Decisions: Is Your Decision-Making Style Healthy?

Do you know what kind of decision making style you have?  These tips give you examples of the 4 styles of decision-making

Grandparents Investing in Grandchildren: Actions Speak Louder than Words

The guide provides grandparents with advice on how they can be influential in a positive way on topics including values, beliefs, civic engagement, heritage and even cooking. It reports that they can also be an important influence on finances through both words and example.

Planning Tips: Focus on Family Types and Financial Well-Being

These planning tips have advice for those who are feeling the stress from the financial situation, whether they are single, married, partnered, divorced, widowed or separated.

Retirement Readiness Workbook

Are you prepared for retirement?  Use this workbook to help you make the transition. 

Discovering What Matters: Your Guide to the Good Life (Workbook and DVD)

This workbook is designed to help people discover which aspects of their lives matter most to them, and provide a framework to plan and focus their priorities to better achieve their personal version of the Good Life.

Tips to help older Americans prevent themselves from becoming victims of financial elder abuse, including the importance of staying active and engaged with others, monitoring their financial affairs, keeping important documents in a secure location, and protecting their personal information. Provides characteristics of individuals who could potentially take advantage of them and what to do if they feel they have been a victim of financial elder abuse.

Tips for family caregivers to help family members from becoming victims of financial elder abuse. Discusses the importance of maintaining an open dialogue with their family member and encourages family caregivers to be aware of signs that might indicate their family member has been a victim of financial elder abuse. With resources to assist should concerns arise.

Tips for Types Workbook

Through a series of questions and answers, this publication will help Americans identify their own type and guide them through the planning stages, especially the important first steps to a happy and financially sound retirement.

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