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The MetLife Report on The Oldest Boomers: Healthy, Retiring Rapidly and Collecting Social Security

In the coming years as more of the oldest Boomers retire, they will continue to set the stage for Boomers who follow. Will their good health remain and will they set new standards for activity and engagement in this new retirement phase of life? This study looks at the how the attitudes and behaviors of the oldest Boomers have changed over the past 5 years. 

The MetLife Study of Gen X: The MTV Generation Moves into Mid-Life

Much attention has been given to the Boomer generation over the years as they reached maturity and began entering their retirement years, but what about the generation that followed them?

On the Critical List?: A MetLife Report on the Health Status of the 40+ Population

Treating diseases as they emerge runs counter to what individuals should be doing – focusing on health and wellness. The paper offers solutions for individuals, service providers and employers to improve health status, including the use of technology, implementing wellness and education programs, and more.

Livable Community Indicators for Sustainable Aging in Place

Communities in the U.S. can follow a relatively simple and low cost initial set of indicators to determine if their services meet the needs of an aging population.

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