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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Critical Illness insurance? Collapsed Expanded

Critical Illness insurance is coverage that can help cover the extra expenses associated with a serious illness. When you or a covered family member experiences a Covered Condition and meet policy and certificate requirements, this coverage provides you with a lump-sum payment of $15,000 Category Benefit Amount.1 Payments may be used to help pay for expenses generally not covered by medical or disability income coverage. The Total Benefit Amount available to you is 3 times the Initial Benefit Amount of $45,000 in the event that you suffer more than one Covered Condition. In a single calendar year, you can receive payments up to your Annual Benefit Amount (equal to your Category Benefit Amount).2 Payment(s) you receive will be made in addition to any other insurance you may have and may be spent as you see fit.

Who is eligible to enroll for this coverage? Collapsed Expanded

You can enroll yourself and your eligible family members!3 You just need to apply during your open enrollment

I have a good medical plan at work. Why do I need Critical Illness insurance? Collapsed Expanded

Even quality medical and disability income plans don't always cover all of your expenses. For example, your medical coverage may have deductibles and copays and may not cover out-of-network treatments. And if you're out on disability, only a portion of your income may be covered. With the average person spending thousands of dollars during a time of critical illness and recovery,4 most people will need the means to cover extra medical and daily living expenses for items like groceries, housing expenses, car payments, and more

How can the Voluntary Critical Illness plan work with my Consumer Driven Health Plan? Collapsed Expanded

If you are enrolled in Moog's Consumer Driven Health Plan, you will automatically be enrolled in the MetLife Critical Illness plan with a benefit amount of $3,000 at no cost to you. To supplement that benefit and help fill in the financial gaps associated with a Critical Illness, you can also elect to add your own $15,000 Voluntary Critical Illness Plan.

Are there any other benefits payable under this Critical Illness insurance plan? Collapsed Expanded

Yes. This plan provides an annual benefit per calendar year for eligible health screenings/prevention measures. This benefit amount is above and beyond the Total Benefit Amount. Your Health Screening Benefit5 Amount will be based on the Category Benefit Amount. You must submit your wellness visit claim to MetLife to receive the health screening benefit.

$15,000 = $50 Annual Health Screening Benefit

How do I pay for my coverage? Collapsed Expanded

Premiums will be conveniently paid through payroll deduction, so you never have to worry about writing a check or missing a payment.

Are payments made directly to me or my health care provider? Collapsed Expanded

Payments will be made directly to you, not to the doctors, hospitals or other health care providers. You will receive a check, mailed directly to your home.

How much does Critical Illness insurance cost? Collapsed Expanded

This coverage may be less expensive than you think! You can put this coverage in place as a way to supplement your medical and disability income plans. Exact rates can be found in the materials provided by your employer.

Can I enroll for this coverage without having to take a medical exam? Collapsed Expanded

Yes. Provided you are actively at work and have Medical Coverage, your enrollment is guaranteed.6

What happens if my employment status changes? Can I take my coverage with me? Collapsed Expanded

Yes. This coverage is "portable," meaning you can take it with you if your employment status changes. Your coverage will only end if you stop paying your premium or if your current employer chooses to terminate the Group Critical Illness Insurance Policy.