Find competitively priced dental plan rates.

Price MetLife High MAC Plan MetLife Low MAC Plan
Employee $47.32 $26.88
Employee + Spouse* $94.64 $53.76
Employee + Child* $87.88 $49.94
Employee + Spouse + Children* $195.02 $110.42

* An employee cannot enroll a dependent unless the employee is also enrolled

And, each plan also includes:

No cost for in-network cleanings, x-rays and exams1

  • No waiting periods, including for orthodontia
  • Cost savings for other in-network services2:
    – Basic care (fillings, extractions, oral surgery covered 85% under High plan, 70% under Low plan):
    – Major care (dentures, bridge work, implants covered 60% under High plan, 50% under Low plan):


1 Subject to frequency limitations

2 Percentages shown are percentages of the negotiated fee for the service