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Understanding Health Care Reform


Whatdoes Health Care Reform mean for you?

Health Care Reform is the result of legislation enacted to provide individuals with accessible and affordable health and dental care. Those who previously lacked access to health care may now be able to get affordable insurance.

Health Care Reform should not noticeably affect most people.

If you currently receive your health benefits through work, you probably won't be impacted. What's more, Health Care Reform does not require you to change coverage if you already have it.

So, who is affected by Health Care Reform?

Health Care Reform requires legal residents who can afford insurance but don't have it to obtain coverage. Individuals may be eligible for exemptions or government help if affordable coverage isn't available. Insurance may be purchased through health insurance marketplaces  or other available options.

Employees who work for small companies (employers with fewer than 50 employees) may have been impacted in a more broad way. Small companies (employers with fewer than 50 employees) are required to offer health and dental plans that contain certain essential health benefits , including a defined pediatric dental benefit. The definition of small companies was scheduled to expand to include companies with up to 100 employees in 2016. However, legislation passed in October 2015 eliminated the planned expansion of the small employer definition, allowing states to decide whether they would consider companies with up to 100 employees as small employers or retain the original definition of up to 50 employees. The majority of states have chosen to retain the 50-employee definition.

MetLife cares about the success of employers both large and small, and we are committed to your future. You can count on us for a solution to help small-company customers comply with Health Care Reform. That's why MetLife added the defined pediatric dental benefit to most* of our dental benefit plans. Our intent is to ensure that many of you will be able to continue choosing dental benefits in the same way that you do today.

Here is what you can do.

Pay close attention to communications from your medical or dental benefit carriers, or your company's HR department, especially if you work for a small company.

You can also read up on Health Care Reform at, a website created by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, a federal agency responsible for implementing the new law.

*May not be available in all states

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