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Understanding Health Care Reform


What does Health Care Reform mean for you?

You've probably heard a lot about Health Care Reform, and you're probably wondering whether it will impact you, your family and your employee benefits. Health Care Reform is the result of a legislation enacted to provide individuals with accessible and affordable health and dental care. Those without access may now be able to get affordable insurance.

Health Care Reform should not affect the vast majority of people. 

If you currently receive your health benefits through work, you probably won't be impacted. What's more, Health Care Reform does not require you to change coverage if you already have it.

So, who is affected by Health Care Reform?

At the outset, Health Care Reform will impact people without insurance as all legal residents who can afford insurance will be required to obtain coverage by January 2014. If affordable coverage is not available, uninsured individuals may be eligible for exemptions or government help. Individuals may be able to purchase insurance though health insurance marketplaces , though that's not the only place insurance can be purchased.

Employees who work for small companies (employers with fewer than 50 employees) may be impacted in a more broad way. Small companies are required to offer health and dental plans that contain the essential health benefits , including a defined pediatric dental benefit. If you work for a small company, you'll likely see changes to your plans.

To help the employees of our small-company customers comply with Health Care Reform, MetLife will be adding the defined pediatric dental benefit to most* of our dental benefit plans. So, many of you will be able to continue choosing dental benefits like you do today.

Here is what you can do.

In the upcoming months, pay close attention, especially if you work for a small company, to communications from your medical or dental benefit carriers, or your company's HR department. They may have important information regarding changes, if any, brought on by Health Care Reform.
In the meantime, you can read up on Health Care Reform at, a website created by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, one of the federal agencies responsible for the implementation of the new law.

*May not be available in all states

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