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Your Benefits

AFGE offers you the opportunity to enroll in a DHMO dental plan. Below are highlights of your plan to help you determine if a DHMO plan meets your needs. See your Schedule of Benefits documents at the bottom of the chart for complete benefit details.

Plan Information

  Dental HMO / Managed Care
How the Plan Works

When you enroll in the Dental HMO/ Managed Care plan, you will pre-select a primary care dentist from the network to provide your day-to-day care. Except for Emergency Dental Services, out-of-network benefits are not available through the Dental HMO/Managed Care plan. Each enrolled family member may select a different participating dentist and has the ability to change dentists up to one time each month.

Out-of-pocket costs for covered services are based on copayments as listed in the plan's Schedule of Benefits below.

Deductible None
Annual Maximum None
Benefit Waiting Period None
Copayments & Coinsurance

$5 office visit copay.

Copayments for covered services may be considerably lower1 than your cost without a dental plan.

Specialty Care This plan features “Direct Referral”. Your selected participating dentists will provide you with the name of a network specialist. Just call that specialist to schedule your visit. No pre-authorization is required.2 Any copayment amount for specialty services is listed on your plan’s Schedule of Benefits.
Quality of Network Dentists All dentists and specialists who participate 
must meet well-established credentialing standards.

Please see your plan documents below for complete details.

  • Single Coverage 
    $11 Bi-Weekly 
    $143 Semi-Annual
  • Single+1 Coverage 
    $18 Bi-Weekly 
    $234 Semi-Annual
  • Family Coverage 
    $25 Bi-Weekly 
    $325 Semi-Annual
Exclusions and Limitations Please see your plan documents below for complete details.
Complete Benefit Details

Dental HMO/Managed Care Schedule of Benefits
Dental DHMO/Managed Care Evidence of Coverage