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Welcome to South Carolina's State Optional Retirement Program Website!

How do you imagine spending your retirement? Relaxing on a beach? Vacationing overseas? Fixing up the house? Whatever it may be, MetLife and the state of South Carolina can help you achieve these goals.

MetLife is proud to be an approved service provider for South Carolina's State Optional Retirement Program ("State ORP"), a salary-reduction only 401(a) program. This website is a resource that will help you learn more about the State ORP and how you can take advantage of it to save for retirement.

With the mutual funds your employer has selected from MetLife's Mutual Fund Select Portfolios (MFSP) platform, South Carolina's State ORP offers a cost-effective opportunity to help you save for retirement. The MFSP funds offered under State ORP include an array of no-load and load-waived mutual funds from well-known fund families. The MFSP is offered with a Gold Track Select Registered Fixed Account Option.

This diverse array of funding options offers flexibility and convenience along with the following benefits:

  • No sales or transfer charges in or out of mutual funds
  • Mutual funds are purchased at net asset value (NAV)*
  • A competitive guaranteed minimum interest rate for the Gold Track Select Registered Fixed Account Option.*

Contact David Johnson at 980-260-5175 to obtain the contact information for the MassMutual Financial Professional** in your area.

Retirement Education

No matter what stage of life you're in, there are actions you can take now to help achieve future financial security.

For Help and More Information

Financial security may be possible when you know where you're going, how to start and how to get there. Contact your representative. 

Access Your Account

You may speak with a participant service center Representative at 800-543-2520 regarding your account. You can also view your account or initiate a number of transactions online.