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A pair of crutches set against a wall

Accident Insurance

Help alleviate the added costs that may result from an accident with MetLife Accident Insurance.

Mother spending time with her two children

Critical Illness Insurance

Protect your family’s budget by enrolling for MetLife Critical Illness Insurance.

Painting the house

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Hospital visits can be costly. Hospital Indemnity insurance can help.

Man holding glasses and paper in hand


A group legal plan that provides access to experts who can assist you with a broad range of personal legal needs. 

Man and his pet going on walk

Pet Insurance

Pets are unpredictable. While it’s hard to anticipate accidents or illnesses, pet insurance makes it a little easier to be prepared.

A man holding a key to start the car

NEW! Auto and Home Insurance

MetLife Auto & Home® provides you with the coverage you need and the savings and service you deserve for your valuable property.