STD Cost: Per $100 of employee's covered monthly salary
Option A: 60%, 14 day elimination period $1.34
Option B: 60%, 30 day elimination period $1.08

Calculate your monthly premium for Short Term Disability

For this example, we’re using an employee with an annual salary of $45,000, selecting Option A

Steps Example
1. Determine your Covered Monthly Salary (Annual Salary¹ divided by 12): If your Annual Salary exceeds $216,666.84, enter $18,055.57 as your Covered Monthly Salary.² $45,000 ÷ 12 = $3,750
2. Divide Covered Monthly Salary by $100 to get your per $100 of Covered Monthly Salary $3,750 ÷ 100 = $37.50
3. Calculate your approximate monthly premium: (Multiply your per $100 of Covered Monthly Salary by the appropriate cost from the chart above based on Option elected) $37.50 x $1.34 = $50.25
Disability Insurance Calculator

How much do you need? Everyone's circumstances are different. This calculator will help you estimate how much coverage is right for you.*

Annual salary will be based on your salary as of September 1, effective October 1. See FAQs for new hire and annual adjustment information.

2 The amount of STD benefit may not exceed the Maximum Weekly Benefit established under the plan of $2,500 regardless of your annual salary amount. Therefore, the maximum covered monthly salary eligible for benefit is $18,055.57 or $216,666.84 annually. This will be the same for Option A or B.

* The Disability Insurance Calculator provides only an estimate of your income protection needs. This estimate does not represent an offer of coverage or guarantee eligibility. To apply for disability income insurance, you must complete an application, which does not guarantee that MetLife will issue a policy to you. You must meet MetLife's underwriting requirements in order to be accepted for coverage. If you are accepted for coverage, the benefit amount may vary from the estimate provided by this calculator. For further details contact a MetLife Representative.