Stronger Communities

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Stronger Communities


MetLife Foundation is involved in a variety of grant-making ventures that positively affect communities around the world.

These include grants in areas such as health, arts and culture, disaster relief, community development, youth development and education, diversity and inclusion, and veterans. Examples include:

Diaster Relief

When disaster hits, MetLife Foundation helps mobilize funds and on-the-ground partners to assist communities in recovering and rebuilding quickly and safely.

  • Australia fires and the Ohio tornado

MetLife Foundation partners with on-the-ground nonprofits to assist with funding and other support in times of disaster recovery. In 2019, the Foundation partnered with the Red Cross to support those impacted by the Australia fires, helping affected communities recover, as well as expanding cash grants to people who lost their homes in the bushfires. MetLife Foundation matched every MetLife employee donation, increasing its reach and impact. The Foundation also donated $35,000 to the Red Cross to assist people in the aftermath of the Dayton, Ohio, tornado.

  • Hurricanes and Earthquakes in Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Texas

In 2017, hurricanes and earthquakes caused devastating damage in Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Texas. Not only did MetLife’s employees overcome disruptions in their own lives to serve their customers and help their communities recover, but MetLife Foundation responded with financial support for relief and recovery. The Foundation contributed $632,000 to the American Red Cross following Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Fundación MetLife México committed $900,000 to respond to the devastating earthquakes that struck the country in September. The funding will help rebuild 70 homes and 12 schools across affected communities.

Youth and Education

Since 2015, Sesame Workshop and MetLife Foundation have collaborated on an unprecedented global financial empowerment initiative for families. Spanning nine countries in disparate regions, the “Dream, Save, Do” initiative has helped children and the adults in their lives set goals, aspire to reach them, make plans, and understand that the choices they make every day can help them achieve their dreams. In 2019, Sesame Workshop and MetLife Foundation announced a new phase of their successful “Dream, Save, Do: Financial Empowerment for Families” initiative. The expansion will reach both children and adults in Brazil, Mexico, and Japan. 

One of the primary goals of MetLife Foundation’s work is to ensure that low- and moderate-income people are equipped not only with financial tools and resources but also with the right skills necessary to capitalize on opportunities and prepare for the future of work. That often requires early intervention and specialized trainings. 

  • In 2019, MetLife Foundation partnered with Generation, a youth employment nonprofit that will equip 3,000 young people in India with the right skills to gain meaningful employment. These skills will help set them on the path to earning a steady income and taking actionable steps toward improving their long-term financial health. The program delivers a high placement ratio with more than 80% of graduates being placed within three months of training with double their pre-training earnings.
  • MetLife Foundation partners with nonprofit Laboratoria to train young women for technology jobs in Chile and Mexico, placing about 80% of them in local companies. These new jobs enable women to earn triple their former salaries on average. To ensure that they are best able to manage and plan their finances, Laboratoria also provides coaching and just- in-time financial information as the women move along the pathway to better financial health.


MetLife Foundation funds programs, projects and grants, aimed at helping veterans transition back into the civilian workforce through programs such as the American Corporate Partners mentoring program and empowering entrepreneurs from the military community. In partnership with Bunker Labs, MetLife Foundation supports ex-military aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the United States through financing a business news show produced by veterans for veterans. Additionally, MetLife Foundation provides support to care for veterans who have been injured mentally or physically from conflict and contribute to programs that provide affordable housing to veterans and their families.


­Since its founding in 1976, MetLife Foundation has contributed more than $860 million to create stronger communities.