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Financial Wellness

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MetLife’s Financial Wellness and Engagement group is responsible for powering long-term solutions that bring financial wellness and education to individuals while strengthening our relationship with employers.


MetLife has introduced Upwise, a free app that helps consumers build positive financial habits and feel good about their progress. Upwise™ is designed to connect consumers’ behaviors around common financial concerns or emotional stresses like monthly budgeting, paying off debt or long-term savings. The app begins by assessing the consumer’s mood and understanding their relationship with money through the Money Mood tool.

Understanding that some communities require different support, we have developed a strategy to create content within the app that supports the needs of diverse consumers. We have formed a content partnership with Yemi Rose, founder and CEO of the fintech OfColor, to use its content in the app. We are adding content to educate users on eco-friendly ways to manage their money, and we have established an external advisory council comprising industry experts who specialize in best practices for improving financial health in underserved communities.

Upwise helps consumers prioritize financial goals and suggests simple actions to develop good financial habits, feel more optimistic about what their money can do for them, and free up the next dollar so they can spend it on what matters most. The app also engages consumers through personalized challenges that offer fun, rewarding ways to help them achieve small wins that lead to big outcomes.


MetLife’s PlanSmart® program is a multi-channel experience that focuses on behavioral change, with tools and guidance that empower customers’ employees to build financial literacy confidence and well-being. MetLife administers the PlanSmart program which includes broad transition solutions from tools for individuals to financial education workshops provided by specially trained third-party financial professionals. The financial professionals providing financial education are not affiliated with MetLife but are providing the program under a service provider contract.

MetLife recently enhanced PlanSmart to better serve diverse customers. We created a new workshop for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-plus (LGBTQ+) community that offers insight on marriage and family planning solutions, closing a retirement savings gap, planning for long-term care and setting up an estate plan.

We also worked with several institutional customers to better use PlanSmart workshops for their employees of color, while updating other workshops to reflect commentsfrom our partners at OfColor, a platform established to improve the financial health of people of color. 

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