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Diversity & Inclusion

At MetLife, diversity and inclusion is a business, workforce, and sustainability imperative that enables us to offer innovative solutions and services that help build a more confident future for everyone.

Leading with inclusion:
From insights to inclusion in action

Inspired by our purpose and our Next Horizon strategy, we believed a new path forward needed to be forged in order for diversity and inclusion to positively impact our transformation. Therefore, we took a data-driven approach to assess the factors essential to driving high organizational performance and business results. We conducted a global Inclusion and Diversity Insights Study to gain an in-depth understanding of the climate and culture of inclusion across MetLife. A core part of the insights study included a series of anonymous online focus groups we called Inclusion Labs, designed to bring together colleagues from around the world to listen and learn about their attitudes, perceptions, and experiences of inclusion at work. The insights gathered from the study along with our MyVoice Survey, external trends, research, and benchmarks inform our strategic foresight and actions.

Diversity and
Insights Study

Global Diversity and Inclusion Insights Study An animated illustration showing stats on Global Diversity and Inclusion Insights Study An animated illustration showing stats on Global Diversity and Inclusion Insights Study

4 languages

4 levels of inclusion: Organizational
Senior Leader

Social Capital
D&I Initiatives

7 one-on-one
interviews with
selected stakeholders
and senior leaders
from business and
functional areas
and regions

11 online focus groups
including participants
from EMEA, Asia,
LATAM, and the U.S.

325 respondents1

27 markets

1Representation from all regions, job levels, ages, genders, and ethnic and racial groups.

Our goal is to build a purpose-driven inclusive culture that energizes employees to make a difference. Based on learnings from our insights study, we know that greater inclusion will allow us to better leverage the strength of our diversity of talent, helping MetLife become well-positioned, structured, and equipped to continue our progression as a leading company. Accordingly, we have set three priorities to help realize these performance gains:

  • Champion inclusion: Cultivate an inclusive workplace culture with the right behaviors and actions
  • Strengthen our diversity: Increase representation and leverage current workforce diversity to innovate for the future
  • Grow our impact: Strategically position MetLife as a leading company for diversity and inclusion

Read more about MetLife’s diversity & inclusion efforts here

Diversity & Inclusion

Championing inclusion: MetLife’s CEO takes a stand

Our President and CEO Michel Khalaf signed three public pledges that reaffirm MetLife’s commitment to cultivating inclusion and advancing gender equality across our organization. These include: the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge (the largest CEO-driven diversity initiative); One Mind at Work, a global coalition of leaders from diverse sectors committed to transforming approaches to mental health and addiction; and the Catalyst CEO Champions for Change. In making these pledges, our CEO has publicly committed to taking a series of steps to significantly advance our progress in diversity and inclusion.

These include amplified efforts in education and transparent communication — as well as sustaining a culture that is willing to tackle the complex and sometimes difficult conversations required for change. These pledges also commit MetLife to accelerating progress in representation of women and racial and ethnic diversity in senior leadership and Board positions over the next five years.

Please read our statements on how we incorporate diversity and inclusion considerations into Board of Directors succession planning and senior level recruitment for more information.

Senior Level Recruitment Process >

Board of Directors Succession Planning >


Take a look at the recognitions we have received for our efforts to cultivate an inclusive culture.

We are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion within our workforce

We are focusing our efforts to cultivate an inclusive culture where our diversity of talent will position us to meet the needs of our customers, shareholders, and the communities we serve around the world. Diversity and inclusion are essential to these commitments. Our long-term aspiration is to be a top company in this area with top quartile performance. To achieve this, we are measuring ourselves against best-in-class benchmarks to monitor our progress and effectiveness.

Learn more about our efforts:

We are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion within our workforce

2019 representation of women – global


2019 gender diversity for officers

Global: MetLife

MetLife is top quartile against industry benchmarks

2019 ethnic & racial diversity representation — U.S.


2019 ethnic & racial diversity for officers

U.S.: MetLife

MetLife is top quartile against industry benchmarks
MetLife employees collaborate at Girls Who Code immersion program.

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