Engaging Our Employees

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Engaging Our Employees

We work hard to foster a work environment that is purposeful, inclusive, and that helps our employees prioritize their health and wellness. We also want to ensure their voice is heard and that they have a variety of opportunities to volunteer and give back to the causes they care about.

Health and wellness

Our Wellness for Life program is rooted in the idea that the more we can help connect the dots between our purpose, our everyday work, and the importance of wellness for overall health and well-being, the easier it is for MetLife employees to prioritize their health. The program is centrally coordinated and locally implemented, with champions identified in 41 countries, as well as four Regional Ambassadors (U.S., Latin America, EMEA, Asia). Healthy workplaces are essential to ensuring positive health and wellness benefits for the people working within them.

Earning the first Fitwel certification for a life insurance company

In 2019, MetLife became the first life insurance company to earn Fitwel certifications for our commitment to healthy workplaces. Fitwel is a joint initiative of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the General Services Administration and measures the health impact of corporate buildings based on several factors, including how they promote occupant safety, how they increase physical activity, and how they affect the health of the surrounding community. As of December 2019, MetLife has obtained Fitwel certifications for three offices in the U.S. with more than 4,000 employees covering over 1.3 million square feet of real estate. MetLife Investment Management (MIM), has also obtained certifications for three properties held in its real estate equity investment portfolio. Representing more than 2 million square feet of office space combined across the three locations, the certifications underscore MIM’s commitment to promoting wellness in the communities it serves across the U.S.

Employee feedback: MyVoice

At MetLife, we believe that caring for our employees starts with understanding what matters most to them. One of the ways we keep a pulse on our employees’ needs is through our annual MyVoice survey. In 2019, 44,000 employees took the survey and overwhelmingly said that they would like more communication about MetLife’s plans for the future. We took this feedback to heart as we crafted our Next Horizon Strategy, launched in early 2020. Our primary focus: Delivering our Purpose, placing emphasis on our leadership, and reinforcing collaboration, experimentation, and customer focus across MetLife.

Employee volunteering

MetLife employees contribute to improving local communities through a variety of volunteer activities across education, the environment, and financial health. Our employees clean up parks, plant trees, create care packages, tutor students, and use their day-to-day expertise to build financial health for people and communities that are underserved. They act as mentors to fintechs, pro bono consultants for our grantees, and help families build their greatest asset — their home.

In 2019, MetLife Foundation helped Hot Bread Kitchen (HBK) in New York City introduce a personalized financial health program into its curriculum and hire a financial coach to help participants tie paycheck-related spending and savings opportunities to individualized life goals. Members of MetLife’s Multicultural Professionals Network supported the nonprofit by conducting mock interviews with the women while our Human Resources and Communications professionals volunteered their time and expertise, in partnership with Taproot Foundation, to help HBK develop standards around culture, communications, meetings, and protocols.

MetLife employees volunteer across a cross section of causes and nonprofits, including Habitat for Humanity and Junior Achievement in the U.S., Good Shepherd in Australia, Rise Against Hunger in India, and many more. Thousands of MetLife employees also take advantage of sustainability education and volunteering opportunities to reduce their environmental impact at work, at home, and in their communities through Our Green Impact program.

Learn more in our 2019 Sustainability Report >

The Taproot Foundation and MetLife Foundation provide mentoring support to nonprofit organizations.

Supporting veterans’ transition back into the workforce

MetLife Foundation funds programs, projects, and grants aimed at helping veterans transition back into the civilian workforce through programs such as the American Corporate Partners mentoring program and by empowering entrepreneurs from the military community. Additionally, MetLife Foundation provides support to care for veterans who have been injured mentally or physically from conflict and contribute to programs that provide affordable housing to veterans and their families.

Providing our communities with pro bono services

MetLife Legal Affairs established its pro bono program in 2008 as an arm of the Legal Affairs Diversity Committee to foster collaboration among our pro bono, diversity, and talent initiatives with broad participation from our Legal, Compliance, and Operations teams. We also work with MetLife Foundation to financially support legal, cultural, and volunteer organizations. Our Legal Affairs team focuses on three principal areas: legal services, community involvement, and increasing the pipeline for diverse legal talent. 

MetLife Legal Affairs also provides ongoing support to cultural and volunteer service organizations by hosting financial literacy workshops; delivering meals for God’s Love We Deliver; fundraising; donating through clothing, food, and “School Supplies” drives for local schools; and participating in multiple holiday programs. Although our pro bono initiatives are mainly based in our larger U.S. legal offices, MetLife Legal Affairs has team members around the world engaged in pro bono activities, with notable levels of participation over the years.