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Supplier Inclusion

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Our Supplier Inclusion & Development program drives the growth of diverse businesses. Our goal is to grow our partnerships to promote their economic growth.

We’re committed to achieving face-to-face involvement that fosters a direct connection with diverse suppliers supported by our membership in national advocacy organizations, including Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, National Minority Supplier Development Council, National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Disability: IN, and National Veteran Business Development Council. Supplier Inclusion & Development is integrated within Global Procurement so that we can closely interact with sourcing professionals and business stakeholders to include diverse suppliers in our supply chain.

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Supplier highlight: En Pointe IT Solutions 

For En Pointe IT Solutions, the impact of COVID-19 started with the grounding of their employees. Primarily a sales company, many employees were already working remotely, so there was not much change to the day-to-day. However, when it became evident that their customers were reducing spend on technology products, it dramatically impacted revenues. Committed to not reducing staff, perhaps believing that the pandemic would soon abate, En Pointe was also sensitive to the families who depend on the income and healthcare coverage they received from the company. 

Soon, En Pointe modified their selling approach to stabilize revenues enough to cover their employee base. Then they embarked on a plan to expand En Pointe team’s focus to smaller clients, those businesses still operating during the pandemic and who had a need for new or upgraded technology to help them stay in business. Over the course of 2020, En Pointe added approximately 25 new clients— mostly smaller companies. By leveraging a wider client base, they generated enough revenue to cover their cost base and keep En Pointe employees on board, while adding several new sales representatives who expanded their geographic focus.

By pivoting to more diversified sales, En Pointe is confident they will continue as a healthier company, with a broader client base and the ability to withstand future disruptions.

One of MetLife’s diverse suppliers, En Pointe, featured pre-pandemic.
One of MetLife’s diverse suppliers, En Pointe, featured pre-pandemic.

Supplier Inclusion

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