Green Investments

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Green Investments

Catalina Solar Project, California. MIM-managed renewable energy investment. ©EDF Renewables/Frederic Neema.

We have a long track record of support for green buildings and renewable energy projects, including wind and solar.

Access to energy helps combat poverty in Peru

In 2019, MIM partnered with the Peruvian government for a first-of-its-kind project to bring electricity to rural communities in Peru through solar installations. Access to energy represents one of the most critical steps in combating poverty. In all, the project financed 200,000 rural off-grid solar kits and helped resolve several important elements that are intrinsically tied to access to energy. With solar-powered energy, the community now has ready access for charging mobile phones, better healthcare services delivered around the clock with access to lights and refrigeration, and new education opportunities with schools operating outside daylight hours and incorporating new technologies to enrich the experience.

The project also marked the first time MIM financed an off-grid solar project in Latin America, with our investment team making significant efforts to understand, underwrite, and explain the transaction (including knowledge of the Peruvian electricity system, government concessions, and local laws) in order to bring the project to fruition.

Off-Grid Solar Renewable Energy Project, Peru. Photo provided by Ergon.

Encouraging energy conservation with the ESG Challenge

As a responsible real estate investor, MIM manages and operates our real estate investment portfolio with focus on ESG integration, which we believe results in enhanced value for our clients, tenants, residents, and local communities. We aim to create value for our investment portfolio by increasing efficiency and sustainability, as well as improving operational and financial performance. ESG integration is engrained into our investment decision making process. 

To illustrate our commitment to ESG integration efforts, we’ve developed an annual program, referred to as the “ESG Challenge,” to engage third-party property teams to reduce energy consumption. This program recognizes and celebrates investment properties that have made significant progress toward our energy efficiency and sustainability goals. Each year, an ESG assessment survey is sent to all investment property teams asking them to highlight innovative sustainability initiatives and/or successful energy reduction efforts. MIM reviews applications and awards winners with a plaque recognizing their achievements.

In 2019, winners were given additional recognition through case studies, highlighting the value of ENERGY STAR® resources and achieving ENERGY STAR certification. To promote further progress and further embed best practices across the MIM-managed real estate investment portfolio, successful energy efficiency strategies implemented by the winners were summarized and circulated to all property teams in an educational document called “10 Winning ESG Strategies.”


By 2025, MIM’s real estate team aims to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 20% in its investment portfolio.