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Access Account Information


You have access to your account virtually 24 hours a day via the Internet and our toll-free telephone service.

If you own one of the following products, please use the corresponding website and phone number listed below to access your account information:

Gold Track Select (GTS)   1-877-284-5013
Mutual Fund Select Portfolio   1-877-284-5013

If you purchased an annuity contract with MetLife or CitiStreet prior to September 2006, you may own one of the following products. Please use the corresponding website and phone number listed below to access you account information:

MetLife Financial Freedom Account  1-800-560-5001
MetLife Preference Plus Account  1-800-560-5001
T-Flex ( formerly known as Travelers T-Flex)  1-800-842-9406
Universal Annuity (formerly known as Travelers Universal Annuity)  1-800-842-9406

Please call 800-236-8489 to locate your local MetLife Resources Financial Services Representative. Or view this list of MetLife Resources Financial Services Representative.

MetLife Resources is a division of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10166.

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