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Bradburn Dentistry

NuWest Textile Group

Portraits of the American Work Family: Learn how the spirit of togetherness makes it a place where people are excited to work.

NuWest’s work family is made up of a diverse group of people who all work under the same motto: whatever it takes. Whether that means helping to babysit coworker’s children after school, at the office, or letting a former employee get his old job back – not just once but twice – when he was in a time of need. That spirit of togetherness has proliferated throughout the company, making it a place where people are excited to come and work. Everyone there knows that, no matter what, someone will always have their backs.

Work families like the one at NuWest exist everywhere. And when small business owners care this much about their employees, it creates a culture of not just caring for each other – but also caring about the business and its continued success.

For small business owners, this team-first mentality extends from the top down. The way you make a difference in the lives of your employees is by considering their lives outside of just the day to day. MetLife is in the business of protecting people, and helps small business owners do the same by offering benefits beyond just healthcare.

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Small Business Interviews: NuWest Textile Group

Learn about Golden Openings

Golden Openings gives employees a welcoming place to work, a sense of purpose and an environment where the personal comes first.

Take care of your work family with the right benefits

The right benefit options will keep your work family happy and loyal and can help keep your business competitive. That means a more secure future for both you and your employees. The right mix of benefits can help attract and retain top talent—and benefit your bottom line.

Our employee benefits for small businesses include:


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Life Insurance Collapsed Expanded

What’s more important than knowing loved ones are protected? Life insurance gives your employees cost-effective financial protection, ensuring they can protect the life they are building for their families. And it’s backed by MetLife, an insurance company you can trust. Benefits include:

  • Competitive employee rates
  •  Easy, automatic payroll deductions
  • Portable coverage, so employees can take it with them after leaving the company


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Dental Insurance Collapsed Expanded

Keep your employees smiling with dental insurance that covers procedures such as routine cleanings, x-rays, a simple filling and braces for the kids. Your employees can take care of their teeth and prevent costly health problems later on. Additional benefits include:

  • Access to an extensive network of dentists and specialists across the country
  • Flexibility to go to any dentist — in or out of network
  • Negotiated fees that are typically 30-45% less than average


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Vision Insurance Collapsed Expanded

Annual eye exams are essential for everyone. Vision insurance offers your employees more than just discounts and savings. Eye care professionals are often the first to spot serious health problems. Benefits include:

  • Savings of up to 60% on a range of vision services and eyewear, including yearly eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, fittings and evaluations
  • Access to thousands of opticians and ophthalmologists
  • Choice of eyewear styles 


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Disability Insurance Collapsed Expanded

If an extended illness or injury keeps an employee away from work, disability insurance can offer valuable financial protection. It provides a steady stream of income to help your employees cover essential living expenses for themselves and their families. Benefits include:

  • Direct monthly payments to employees
  • Easy claims filing
  • Competitive rates


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Legal Services Collapsed Expanded

Give your employees access to legal help at a fraction of the cost. Our legal services plan provides professional counsel for everyday personal legal needs, at an annual rate that often costs less than an attorney’s hourly fee. Benefits include:

  • Access to legal advice within a network of vetted attorneys
  • Coverage for a wide range of legal matters such as: wills and estate planning, buying or selling a home, debt collection, traffic tickets, family law and more


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Small business solutions
Keep your employees happy, protected and productive with benefit solutions that are just right for your business and your budget.
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