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Learn more about your options, so you can feel confident in your benefit decisions for you and your family.

Open Enrollment begins October 9th – click here for more information on the special opportunity to enroll or increase your Supplemental life coverage

How it works

Your financial confidence goes well beyond health coverage. Which is why we offer life and long-term disability insurance to you through MetLife. You can enjoy the same feeling of confidence provided by health insurance in other aspects of your life. Together, the benefits you choose can help insure what matters most to you.

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Life has changed, but the need to protect and provide for loved ones has not.

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- For enrollment questions, contact your benefits administrator at 301-952-6600 or
          To Enroll: click here 
- For Statement of Health questions, call MetLife at 800-638-6420, prompt 1.
- For life insurance and LTD claims, notify your employer to initiate a claim.
- For claim questions (after a claim has been submitted), call MetLife at 800-638-6420, prompt #2.
- For continuation and conversion questions, call MetLife at 877-275-6387.

1 See IRS publication 502 available at for information about eligible dependents and a list of qualified expenses. In addition, there may be legislation or additional publications that may modify or expand available qualified expenses. Please refer to your employers’ plan document for the latest list of qualified expenses under your plan.