MetLife Advantages℠

Services to help navigate what life may bring, at no additional cost to you!

Helping navigate life’s twists and turns

Learn more about the tools and resources available to help guide your employees through life's opportunities, transitions and challenges.

Covered plan participants may have access to the following services.


  • Funeral Discounts & Planning Services1: Helping to alleviate the burden of making funeral arrangements for your loved ones. Get access to the largest network of funeral homes and cemeteries to pre-plan with a counselor and receive discounts on funeral services.
  • Estate Planning Services2, 3: Offering unlimited access to create and execute key estate planning documents online by answering a few simple questions, or unlimited face-to-face access with a MetLife Legal Plans’ attorney to prepare or update a will, living will, Power of Attorney and other estate documents. Will preparation services are also available via willscenter.com4.
  • Retirement Planning:4 Retiring with confidence. Access workshops that offer comprehensive retirement and financial education to help you plan for the future, through our Retirewise program.
  • Health and Wellness Library11: Helping educate, raise awareness, and empower employees to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

  • Grief Counseling:8 Accessing professional support in a time of need. Meet in-person or by phone with a licensed counselor to help cope with a loss or major life change.
  • Funeral Assistance:8 Honoring a loved one’s life. Work with compassionate counselors that assist with customizing funeral arrangements with personalized one-on-one service.
  • Beneficiary Claim Assistance:Making the claims process easy. Your beneficiaries get guidance from experts as they work through their options and financial needs with our Delivering The Promise services.
  • Estate Resolution Services9: Settling an estate with confidence. With unlimited consultations, either in person with an attorney or by phone, including court representations, you can feel confident you've made the right decisions.
  • Total Control Account:10 Reducing the pressure of immediate financial decisions, with MetLife’s Total Control Account (TCA), your beneficiaries can take their time to make the right decision with a flexible settlement option that gives full access to policy funds while earning a competitive guaranteed minimum interest rate.
  • Empathy13:Support and guidance for beneficiaries managing their grief as well as help with probating and settling an estate, closing accounts, home clearing, and more. Beneficiaries can choose to get the support they need online through the Empathy app/portal, or with a dedicated Care Manager, or a combination of both.