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Investment Management

Investment Management

With $537.3 billion in Combined Managed Assets1, MetLife Investment Management (MIM), leverages size, scale and deep asset sector relationships to seek attractive, long-term investment opportunities for our institutional customer base.

Our investment methodology is based on a disciplined in-house research and underwriting process, which leverages the deep expertise of our seasoned investment teams. Institutional investors can have access to MIM's in-house investment capabilities, including deal origination, asset acquisition, portfolio monitoring, risk analytics and risk management.

  • Investing for 100+ years
  • $537.3 Billion in Combined Managed Assets1
  • Broad capabilities across major asset classes
  • 800+ Global Investment Team2
  • Deep fundamental research and underwriting
  • Long tenured senior investment staff
  • Sophisticated risk management and stress testing processes
  • Diverse investor base including insurance companies, public and private pension plans and sovereign wealth funds

1 As of 6/30/2017. Includes all assets managed by MIM. “Pro Forma MetLife Combined Managed Assets” give effect to the separation of Brighthouse as if it had occurred on June 30, 2017. Brighthouse general account managed assets, previously included in the above table under general account assets in prior periods, are reported under Unaffiliated/Third Party Investors in this pro forma presentation. See Pro Forma MetLife Combined Managed Assets for non-GAAP financial information, definitions and/or reconciliations.

2 Includes support staff.


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