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Take control of diabetes: Eat, move and monitor!

Keep diabetes in check

Commit to supporting your employees’ health today.

Left undiagnosed, diabetes can cause terrible damage over time.1 But the good news is that, with a little education, you can help your employees prevent type 2 diabetes — the most prevalent form of diabetes. Our toolkit, “Take control of diabetes: Eat, move and monitor!” provides everything you’ll need to kick off a diabetes awareness campaign at your company that will give employees actionable steps they can take to prevent the progress of diabetes, and help you address healthcare cost drivers.

The toolkit includes:  

  • Campaign objectives 
  • Marketing materials (flyers, short articles, and an email campaign) 
  • Campaign launch event ideas
  • Campaign evaluation form

Get started now. Fill out the form on the right to access our “Take control of diabetes: Eat, move and monitor!” toolkit and start promoting healthier habits today!

World Health Organization, "Global Report on Diabetes”, April 2016