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Pursuing a Life of Well-being

Pursuing a Life of Well-being

Promote personal growth and development among your employees.

Well-being means different things to different people. In general, well-being is dependent on good physical and mental health, positive social relationships and availability and access to basic resources, such as food, shelter and income. Our toolkit, “Pursuing a Life of Well-being,” provides everything you’ll need to kick off a well-being campaign at your company to help employees define a vision of well-being for their future.

What’s in the toolkit?

This toolkit provides materials and tools needed to deliver a successful campaign to help individuals pursue a life of well-being:

  • Campaign objectives
  • Suggested timeline
  • Email campaign series
  • Awareness handouts and lifestyle flyers
  • Campaign kick-off event ideas
  • Employee challenges
  • Prize strategy
  • Employee evaluation

Fill out the form on the right to access our “Pursuing a Life of Well-being” toolkit and start promoting healthier habits today!