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Your financial confidence goes well beyond health coverage. Which is why we have made various enhanced coverage options available to you through MetLife. You can enjoy the same feeling of confidence provided by health insurance to other aspects of your life. Together, the complementary benefits you choose helps provide protection for what matters most to you.

Explore the enhanced coverage options available to you below.


Life Insurance

Continue to be there for your loved ones with Life Insurance.


Long Term Disability Insurance

Help protect some of your income and lifestyle with Disability Insurance.

Benefits making a difference

The right set of benefits can help you protect your financial future. Read stories about people just like you and how benefits have made a real difference in their lives.

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See your benefits in action

Check out our video series to learn how different benefit options can better prepare you for the future.


1 See IRS publication 502 available at for information about eligible dependents and a list of qualified expenses. In addition, there may be legislation or additional publications that may modify or expand available qualified expenses. Please refer to your employers’ plan document for the latest list of qualified expenses under your plan.