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Account Maintenance

Used to change or update name and address of a group annuity participant or to make corrections to participant information such as social security number.


This form is used to change or update the beneficiary information on a 457b annuity. It can be used for Governmental or Non-governmental contracts.


ERISA or Non-ERISA change of Beneficiary and Spousal Consent form.


This form is used for changes or corrections to the beneficiary information on a contract. (Not to be used for custodian owned contracts, irrevocable beneficiary changes, controlled payout beneficiary requests, or ERISA contracts).


This form is used to update an owner's or annuitant's contact information, including changes or corrections to a name, address, or phone number. Not to be used for ownership changes, which require an Owner/Annuitant Change form.

You can change your address and/or phone number through MetOnline servicing site. Watch this video to see how easy it is.


This form is to be used for the contract owner to authorize the release of contract information to a third party.


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