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Innovative Benefit Solutions

The workplace has changed. Benefits offer a powerful way to meet employees’ evolving needs. You can make a strong foundation evens tronger with a robust range of benefits that work with existing medical coverage, offering employees added security and greater job satisfaction. We’re here to help.



Dental & Vision

Most employees consider Dental and Vision to be must-have benefits.MetLife Dental & Vision insurance can help them enjoy better overall health.

The average # of employees "must have" benefits increased to 8.3 in 2023.


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52 %

are concerned about their financial health2

51 %

are concerned about their physical health2

50 %

are concerned about their social health2

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More Info

1 MetLife’s 21st Annual U.S. Employee Benefits Trends Study, 2023.

2 MetLife’s 19th Annual U.S. Employee Benefits Trends Study, 2021.