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MetLife offers Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan members comprehensive dental benefits through a nationwide network of participating providers.

Learn more about your benefit options so you can feel confident in your benefit decisions for you and your family.

When scheduling your exam or cleaning, please ensure it has been six months since your prior preventive care visit.

How it works

MetLife offers enhanced dental benefits so you can enjoy the same feeling of confidence provided by health insurance to other aspects of your life. Together, the complementary benefits help provide protection for what matters most to you.

Explore the enhanced coverage benefits available to you below.

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Our extensive network has thousands of dental providers to choose from. Who's the best fit for you? Select "Search" to go to the Find a Dentist tool, choose your network and enter your ZIP code for a list of participating dentists.


Custom MCHCP Providers


Please call MetLife directly at 844-222-9106 and talk with a benefits consultant.