Life insurance1: While you are actively at work for the employer offering your GVUL program, you can typically apply for more coverage at the program anniversary each year. In addition, some programs may allow coverage increases at any time, or within a specified time period following a change in family status. If you terminate employment with this employer, and begin paying premiums directly, you still have the ability to apply for more coverage. Check your Plan Summary for details.

Investment contributions: You can begin investing or make changes to your investment contributions / fund allocations at any time during the year by accessing your GVUL enrollment site.

The easiest way to update your coverage is online. However, some plans may require you to complete a paper form. See your Plan Summary for details on updating your coverage1.

When you enroll for GVUL insurance coverage, you become the owner of a permanent life insurance certificate. As the certificate owner, you have the ability to control your life insurance coverage amount, your tax-deferred investment contributions (if any), and to name your life insurance beneficiary.

You may choose to "assign" ownership of your coverage to another individual or entity. Once you transfer ownership of your certificate, that individual or entity will have control over selecting your life insurance coverage amounts, investment contributions, etc. You should speak with a financial professional before making any changes to your certificate.

Yes. After consultation with an independent tax advisor, you may wish to transfer any accumulated cash value and/or cost basis from another permanent life insurance certificate into your MetLife GVUL certificate. This can be accomplished via a 1035 Exchange (named after the section of the Internal Revenue Code which provides for the exchange to be tax-free), which transfers the value of the existing life insurance certificate into your MetLife certificate.

Yes, you can continue your coverage at competitive group rates under the portability option if you leave your company or retire2

1 MetLife will review your information and evaluate your request for coverage based upon your answers to the health questions, MetLife’s underwriting rules and other information you authorize us to review. In certain cases, MetLife may request additional information to evaluate your request for coverage.

2 To the maturity age specified in your certificate. In some program designs, if your employer replaces MetLife GVUL with another group life insurance plan or otherwise terminates the MetLife group contract, your coverage may also be terminated, even after separation from employment or retirement. If you have ported or otherwise continued your coverage after retirement or separation from employment and the plan sponsor later terminates the group policy, cost of insurance rates may increase as a result of such termination.