Dental Insurance


Dental Insurance

Dental insurance makes it easy to go to the dentist by minimizing out-of-pocket costs for routine dental check-ups, expensive procedures and most things in between.

Maximize your oral health while minimizing costs

Take advantage of your dental benefits offered by your employer. Open enrollment is from xx/yy/zz – xx/yy/zz.

Keep your smile and your bank account healthy

Whether you’re in need of routine cleanings, braces or a filling, a solid dental plan makes it easier for you to protect your smile and your budget.1

  • Routine visits to the dentist help prevent costly dental bills later on, as well as problems linked to medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease2
  • If you have a choice of plans, consider your oral health needs and ability to pay for unexpected major services like a crown
  • If you have children, consider more comprehensive coverage for less out-of-pocket costs, as well as an option for braces

Dental problems can be unpredictable and expensive. For example, did you know that a crown can cost up to $1,451? 3

Kathy would get a lump-sum payment totaling $1,350 with MetLife Accident Insurance High Plan.

Dental insurance keeps this

The Coopers realized that better control of their finances could ensure a better future for their children.

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Kathy’s daughter, Molly, plays soccer. During a recent game, Molly collided with an opposing player, was knocked unconsc

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