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State of Florida Employee Dental Plan Rates

Find a dental plan that’s right for you and your family, based on your needs and budget.
Tier Indemnity with PPO
People First Plan Code 4031
Standard PPO
People First Plan Code 4032
Preventive PPO
People First Plan Code 4033

Employee Only


$33.36 $22.86

Employee + Spouse


$61.72 $42.28

Employee + Child(ren)


$68.96 $47.24

Employee + Spouse + Child(ren)


$100.12 $68.58

MetLife dental plans for the State of Florida employees include competitive monthly rates, access to one of the largest dental network and big benefits administered by a trusted brand.

We offer three dental plan options, the Indemnity with PPO, Standard PPO or the Preventative Plan PPO. 
The limitations and exclusions can be found in your Plan Certificate.

If you have a family and want the most affordable plan offered to State of Florida employees:
You may wish to select the MetLife Preventative PPO Plan, offering the lowest premiums (less than $264/year for employee only)

If you are not anticipating lots of dental work, visit the dentist ~2x/year, and looking for a cost effective plan:
You may wish to select the MetLife Standard PPO Plan.

If you anticipate seeing more specialists or a bit more dental work, but want to minimize extra charges:
You may wish to select the MetLife Indemnity with PPO Plan, offering the highest benefit levels ($2,000 annual maximum and lifetime orthodontia of $2,500)