Income & Asset Protection

Your income is one of your biggest assets. And your quality of life depends on it . Explore options that help safeguard and secure your family’s financial future.

Life insurance can help protect your family

Take control of your life insurance coverage so you’ll have the right protection in place for you and your family at all times.

Life Insurance

You can easily protect your family’s future, today

You do all you can to build the best life for your loved ones. It’s why you work hard, save what you can and try your best to plan for the future. Now you can help ensure that future by providing your loved ones with the financial protection only life insurance offers. This way, you’ll know that the life you’re working hard to build for your family will still move forward, no matter what happens.

  • Provides your family with necessary financial protection
  • Pays a monetary benefit to your beneficiary in the event of your death
  • Money can be used for a wide variety of purposes: final expenses, income replacement, paying off mortgage and other debts, childcare/education costs, and other short- and long-term expenses

80% of people think life insurance is more expensive than it actually is.1

How much Life insurance should you have?

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Tony hurt his back, but not his bank account

If serious injury or illness keeps you from working, disability insurance can help you maintain your quality of life while recovering.

Disability Insurance

Help replace a portion of your income if you cannot work²

Medical insurance may help cover treatment due to an accident or illness. But how do you cover your income? Disability insurance may provide a steady stream of income to help cover essential expenses when an extended illness, injury or pregnancy keeps you away from work. You’ll have the comfort of knowing financial support is available when needed to help maintain your quality of life.

  • Provides income to help pay for essential living expenses, rent, mortgages, car payments, food, etc. 
  • Allows you to meet your day-to-day financial obligations, so your long-term goals stay on track

Did you know disability insurance and workers’ compensation are not the same thing? Workers’ compensation only applies if you are hurt at work. Disability insurance covers you when you’re unable to work because of illness or injury — whether suffered at work or not.

How much disability insurance should you have?

Find out with our disability insurance calculator

How one couple protected their rights and their finances

Sarah and Matthew were ready to move when the home seller backed out. Fortunately, they were able to retain one of the area’s top attorneys, who got them their dream home. And the legal plan cost them less in a year than the average hourly fee for an attorney.

Legal Plans

Access to an attorney at a fraction of the cost

Getting legal help shouldn’t be difficult or unaffordable. But when the average rate for a lawyer is $370/hour3, common legal expenses can really dig into your savings. A legal plan provides professional legal counsel for everyday personal legal needs, at a fraction of a lawyer’s standard rate.

  • Access to legal advice and representation from a network of vetted attorneys
  • Typically covers a wide range of legal matters such as: wills and estate planning, buying or selling a home, debt collection, traffic tickets, family law and more
  • No copays, deductibles or waiting periods4

Did you know 54% of working adults experience a legal issue over the course of a year?5


2 Like most disability income insurance policies, MetLife’s policies contain certain exclusions, waiting periods, reductions, limitations and terms for keeping them in force. Ask your MetLife representative about costs and complete details. For policies issued in New York: These policies provide disability income insurance only. They do NOT provide basic hospital, basic medical or major medical insurance as defined by the New York State Department of Financial Services. The expected benefit ratio for these policies is at least 50%. This ratio is the portion of future premiums that MetLife expects to return as benefits when averaged over all people with the applicable policy.

3 Average hourly rate of $370 an hour based on years of legal experience, National Law Journal and ALM Legal Intelligence, Survey of law Firm Economics (2018).

4 When using a network attorney for a covered matter

5 MetLife research fielded by ORC International, between June and July 2017.

Like most group insurance policies, insurance policies offered by MetLife contain certain exclusions, exceptions, waiting periods, reductions, limitations and terms for keeping them in force. Please contact your benefits administrator or your MetLife Group Representative for costs and complete details.

Group legal plans provided by MetLife Legal Plans, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. In certain states, group legal plans are provided through insurance coverage underwritten by Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company and Affiliates, Warwick, RI. Some services not available in all states. Please see your plan description for details. MetLife® is a registered trademark of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY. ©2020 MetLife Services and Solutions, LLC, MetLife Legal Plans, Inc., 1111 Superior Avenue, Suite 800, Cleveland, OH 44114