Long-Term Disability Insurance

The need to be better prepared for life events that keep us out of work has become more important than ever before. Disability insurance provides a steady stream of income to help cover your bills and expenses when an injury or illness keeps you away from work. 

Help protect your salary with disability insurance

Life has changed, but the need to protect and provide for loved ones has not. More than ever, it’s important to help ensure that you and your family are prepared to meet essential living expenses should you become unable to work.


Active Kyndryls can enroll in Long-Term Disability during Annual Enrollment, as a new hire or during a qualifying live event period.

Disability Insurance

If serious injury or illness keeps you from working, disability insurance may help you maintain your quality of life while recovering.

Long-Term Disability Insurance Options

Long-Term Disability

Under the Kyndryl Long-Term Disability Plan (the “LTD Plan”), you are eligible for a monthly income benefit, subject to the limitations and conditions of the Plan, if you are disabled and have completed the elimination period.

Long-Term Disability – All Regular FT & PT Employees

Kyndryl automatically provides coverage of 50% of your regular monthly compensation at no cost to you.

You may choose to purchase coverage of 66 2/3% of your regular monthly compensation during annual enrollment. Rates vary based on age and regular monthly compensation, and premiums are deducted on a pre-tax basis. Rates may be revised annually and are provided in a supplemental sheet that is available from the Fidelity Benefits Center upon request. If you do not purchase 66 2/3% coverage during annual enrollment, your default coverage will be 50%.

If you wish to increase your LTD coverage (from 50% to 66 2/3%) at a later time, you may do so during annual enrollment and a medical review will be required.

Long-Term Disability Insurance FAQs

Generally speaking, “own-occupation” will define “total disability” as a condition that prevents the insured from performing the substantial and material duties of his or her regular/own occupation, while an “any-occupation” will define “total disability” as being unable to work in any occupation.


The Elimination Period (EP) is defined as is the number of days, starting from the day an employee first becomes disabled, that an employee must be out of work to qualify for Long-Term Disability. The LTD EP is the greater of 180 days and the maximum duration of STD. During the Kyndryl LTD EP, no LTD benefits are paid.


Consider any expenses you may incur in the running of your household, including car payments, mortgage payments, groceries, childcare, tuition and more, that would still need to be covered in the event of a disability.


Depending upon the amount of coverage you choose, payment will be made directly to you — not your employer, hospital, doctor or insurance company.


Enrolling in a plan is not mandatory, but it is a good idea and an affordable way to help protect your income. Without disability insurance, you may need to use your savings or tap into other assets to cover your essential living expenses while you recover from an accident or illness.

1 Like most disability income insurance policies, MetLife’s policies contain certain exclusions, waiting periods, reductions, limitations and terms for keeping them in force. Please refer to the Kyndryl Summary Plan Description for more details or call the Fidelity Benefits Center – 800-835-5095.