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TRS-Care Vision
insured by
MetLife with the Superior Vision® network

Vision insurance may help reduce your out-of-pocket costs1 for routine eye exams, glasses, contact fittings, evaluations and lenses.

Member ID Cards

Upon enrollment in TRS-Care Vision, MetLife will mail ID cards to your home.  

Plan participants can also access and print vision ID cards for free through MyBenefits. Digital ID cards can be added to Apple Wallet or Google Pay, but customizations may not appear in the digital version. 

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Physical ID cards are not required for obtaining service with your provider. You can simply provide your Date of Birth to your provider.

1 Your actual savings from enrolling in a vision plan will depend on various factors, including the plan chosen, plan premiums, number of visits to an eye care professional by your family per year, and the cost of services and materials received. Be sure to review the Schedule of Benefits for your plan's specific benefits and other important details.