Frequently Asked Questions


Run an inforce illustration. The policy ledger will reflect the new cash value based upon the month and year of the face amount change. Additionally, for more information on how to run an inforce illustration refer to the MetWINS Inforce and Download System information located on the homepage.

In addition to completing a Policy Change Application a T-Form is also required if a change in premium is needed. It is also recommended that an inforce illustration is ran to determine the required premium amount to support a policy change.

An Enterprise Authorization form is required. If a policy change involves a face increase or rider/benefit addition an Agent/Producer Identification/Certification form (EAGT-05-XX) is also required.

Visit the eForms site by clicking the MetLife eForms icon on the home page. Then select Life Insurance located under Individual > What do you want to do? Select either Change or Reinstate a Policy or Term Conversion or Exercise Option. You will also need to select the state the policy was issued in. 

Email the Policy Change request to or fax to 908-552-3794.