Vision Providers

SafeGuard's IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system offers quick access via telephone to confirm enrollment and plan name. The IVR function is available at 1-800-880-1800.

Send your vision care claims electronically to InMediata (formerly ANS) and they will forward them to our claims processing center. InMediata works with many of the other medical clearinghouses and vendors to make this simple for you or they can provide your office with software that will work with your practice management software system to send claims directly to InMediata.

SafeGuard's payer ID is SFG99.

To contact InMediata please call 1-877-466-9656, or send an email to

Compatible Clearinghouses

  • InMediata
  • ENS
  • Gateway EDI
  • ProxyMed

SafeGuard accepts standard vision claim forms. Send the completed form with any necessary documentation to:

Vision Claims
SafeHealth Life Insurance Company
PO Box 981987
El Paso, TX 79998  

To verify eligibility or plan benefit information, contact Customer Service at 1-800-880-1800.

Our Facility Reference Guide will provide all the information you need to administer SafeGuard's vision plans. 

Your password is required to access the reference guide; it was provided with your initial contract confirmation letter.

Login to our online interactive website to check claims, member enrollment and plan information.