Important: When submitting requests, forms, and/or any supporting documentation via e-mail you should be aware that once MetLife receives the email, the information contained in that email will be protected by MetLife’s IT security controls, and any email responses you receive from MetLife will be sent to you securely. Until your email reaches MetLife, however, MetLife has no control over, and disclaims all responsibility for, the security of the information you send when it is in transit to us or stored with your e-mail service provider.

You may have your premium payment automatically deducted from your checking or savings account every month – on the day that you choose – by completing this form and mailing it back to us.

If your bank account changes in the future, simply fill out and return the form to us again, with your new account details.


We accept payment via mailed check or by automatic monthly deduction from a checking or savings account. We do not take credit cards, nor do we accept checking/savings payments over the phone or online.

Did you know that with automatic deductions you can pick the day of the month that your payment is made? It's simple to get started, just download this form and return it to the address indicated on the form.


Payment addresses differ by the type of long-term care product you have. Please use the address on your bill, or, if you don’t have a copy of your bill, use the appropriate lockbox below. Allow 10-14 business days for payments to be posted to your policy.

Long-Term Care Insurance purchased through:

Send payment to:

An employer Group, Individual policy beginning with 200 or 199,
and TIAA or Teachers Insurance

PO Box 13724
Philadelphia, PA 19101-3724

AARP and you have a member #

MetLife AARP – LTC
PO Box 371374
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7374

Individual policy beginning with 048, 143, or 228

MetLife ILTC
Dept CH 10165
Palatine, IL 60055-0165


Automatic deductions for premium payments are only available when you're paying on a monthly basis. Did you know that for most policies you can pick the day of the month to make your premium deduction? If you'd like to set up this way of paying for your long-term care insurance simply complete this form and mail it to the address noted.

MetLife Long-Term Care explores ways to improve how we serve our customers on an ongoing basis. While payment by credit cards is not an available option at this time, we will update our customers if it becomes available in the future.

We do not advise submitting a payment and change request together because they go to two different addresses. Sending both to the same address will delay processing. When making payments or returning forms please use the mailing address or fax number (if applicable) noted on the form.

Your benefits are specific to you and the selections made when acquiring your policy or certificate. Please review your policy for information specific to your coverage, and, if you still have questions, call the appropriate Customer Service number. (See “Can’t Find Your Answer?” on the Contact Us page for all contact numbers.) 

Your spouse is already permitted to act on your behalf, however, if you’d like to designate someone other than your spouse please provide us with documentation appointing your financial representative. The paperwork should detail the powers you wish to grant that individual. (Generally, this type of paperwork is prepared by an attorney.) Please note that authorizing someone to act on your behalf is not the same as granting them the authority to see your protected health information.

Please send all documentation to longtermcareclaims@metlife.com. You may also fax it to 1-866-722-1180 or mail it to:

MetLife Long Term Care Claims
PO Box 14407
Lexington, KY 40512


Complete and return our Privacy Authorization Form, which will allow you to designate individuals to whom we may release any or all protected health information about your long-term care coverage or claim. Please note that granting someone the authority to see your protected health information is not the same as giving them the rights to act on your behalf regarding your policy.


Yes, you may designate another individual to receive a copy of the final billing notice. This is done via the Lapse Designee Form, which can be completed and mailed in. (Use the same form if you want to remove or change your designees.)


Please call Customer Service to have your information updated in our systems. Or, you may complete and return this form.


You may change the servicing agent listed on your policy to another MetLife affiliated agent. Please fill out this Servicing Agent Change Form to get the process started. If you need help selecting an agent, give us a call. Or, if you already have a new servicing agent identified simply send us this completed Servicing Agent Form to fpltc@metlife.com.


Many long-term care plans include inflation provisions or riders, which give you the ability to increase your coverage. The inflation riders provide an offer to increase coverage for additional premium based on your attained age without underwriting, and generally require you to accept an increase offer at least once within a certain number of offers. The number of offers varies by product. Please review your certificate or policy for information specific to your coverage.

To decrease your coverage simply mail us a signed letter of instruction. (Based on your policy or certificate, you may also be able to decrease coverage by calling Customer Service.)

If writing be sure to include the policy number, name, address, and instructions as to the desired level of coverage. Mail to:

MetLife Long-Term Care
P.O. Box 14634
Lexington, KY 40512-4634


First, review your policy to understand your coverage. If you feel you meet the benefit eligibility criteria, please contact the Customer Service Center at 800-308-0179. A Benefit Intake Specialist will gather pertinent information and discuss next steps. (Note that this phone number is only for use when you’re ready to file a claim. See “Can’t Find Your Answer?” on the Contact Us page for Customer Service phone numbers.)


Benefit Intake Specialist will be your initial point of contact, working with you to gather pertinent information and get your benefit claim paperwork started. 

Care Coordinator will then review your benefit claim, gathering additional documentation needed to make a decision on your benefit eligibility – approving or denying. 

If your benefit eligibility is approved, a Claims Analyst will review the proofs of loss you submit for reimbursement, such as invoices, home care plans, billing statements, etc., to make sure they are in-good-order before approving for payment. Most invoices are reviewed within 10 business days.

If your benefit eligibility is denied and you file an appeal, a Senior Appeal Specialist will review your request and render an appeal decision.


If your benefit claim is approved, you will receive written communication of the approval and the details of the benefit eligibility period. You will also receive a payment guide that tells you how to submit documents (e.g. invoices, billing statements) in order to receive claim reimbursement. For your convenience – here are links to the payment guides:

Provider Payment Guide Invoice (Informal)
Provider Payment Guide Invoice (Independent)
Provider Payment Guide (If your care is provided for via Home Care)
Provider Payment Guide (If your care is provided by a Facility)


If your benefit claim is denied, you will receive written communication detailing the basis of denial. You will also be provided with an appeal form, should you wish to appeal the decision.

The appeal process is based on policy provisions and state variations. If your benefit claim is denied, you may appeal the denial in writing using a form that will be provided with the denial letter. A Senior Appeal Specialist will review the information and render an appeal decision as to whether the benefit claim will be approved or denied. Please refer to your policy or Care Coordinator for more details.

Once you’ve been notified by us that you are eligible to use your benefit you will also be instructed on where and when to send your invoices for reimbursement. Until then, do not send in invoices. (Most policies require that you submit invoices for reimbursement only after the care has been provided – not in advance.)

Please refer to the provider guide you received with your confirmation letter, for the appropriate documentation to include. Digital versions of provider guides appear below, for your convenience:

Provider Payment Guide & Invoice(Informal)
Provider Payment Guide Invoice (Independent)
Provider Payment Guide (If your care is provided for via Home Care)
Provider Payment Guide (If your care is provided by a Facility)

It’s important to choose only one method to submit an invoice, as duplicate submissions of the same invoice will delay processing. Also, be sure to submit invoices only after services have been rendered, (unless specifically instructed otherwise by your Claims Coordinator). Invoices submitted prematurely will not be approved and will have to be resubmitted.

If you have enrolled in the Assuricare invoice submission process, please contact Assuricare directly at 844-277-8742 to obtain instructions on how to complete your submission. 


Once you have submitted an invoice in good order, your reimbursement will be processed, generally within 10 business days. Most policies contain a waiting period, elimination period, or deductible period which must be met before reimbursement is paid – see your policy or certificate for more details. For a status on your invoice please call 1-888-687-0977 and use our automated system.

Yes, you will need to complete and return the appropriate Insured Electronic Claim Payment Authorization Form to initiate direct deposit. Select either Direct Deposit – Individual or Direct Deposit – Group, as applicable. (If you don’t know if your policy is a group or individual policy, see “Can’t Find Your Answer?” on the Contact Us page.) NOTE: If you are unable to attach a voided check at this time, please make use of Section 2 of the form to provide us with the Insured Name, Check Routing Number, and Checking Account Number.


To have reimbursement made directly to a provider, instead of yourself, you’ll need to complete the Assignment of Benefits form. Please note, reimbursement for your long-term care expenses can only be made to you, your estate, or the provider administering your covered long-term care services.