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Health & Wellness Services

A little prevention goes a long way when it comes to your globally mobile employees’ health. MetLife helps your global workforce stay their healthiest with guidance, recommendations, and health risk assessments – keeping costs low for all.

Services & Tools

Disease management programs, pregnancy support, and other online tools to encourage employees to stay healthy while abroad.

Remote second medical opinion
Remote Second Medical Opinion

Your employees traveling on assignment abroad can get their diagnosis and treatment plans reviewed by healthcare providers in the U.S. without having to leave their host country.

International Employee Assistance Program
International Employee Assistance Program

Adjusting to life abroad can be a challenge. We’ll help your globally mobile employees get acclimated to their location with counseling from highly qualified, licensed professionals.

24-hour nurse line
24-Hour Nurse Line

Globally mobile employees will be able to call on our informed and educated nurses 24/7 with health questions or concerns.

Chronic disease management
Chronic Disease Management

Case managers check in quarterly with globally mobile employees with chronic health conditions, like diabetes or high blood pressure, to ensure they follow their treatment plan.

Maternity care
Maternity Care

Gives pregnant employees abroad access to nutrition and educational tools, as well as maternity-focused phone assistance anywhere they travel for work.

Health risk assessment
Health Risk Assessment

Help your traveling employees get an overall picture of their well-being through a comprehensive health risk assessment designed to help them live a healthier life in a new environment.

Fitness plans, tools, trackers
Fitness Plans, Tools, & Trackers

Easy-to-follow fitness plans, workout logs, and tools that track target heart rate, calories, BMI and more, help your employees keep a healthy lifestyle as they travel and work abroad.

Health guides
Health Guides

A variety of literature on specific health topics and conditions help answer employees’ health questions or guide them abroad in making health behavior changes.

Health & Wellness Toolkits

Our targeted, end-to-end health and wellness campaign toolkits are designed to help your globally mobile employees manage their health — and help you manage costs. Toolkits include everything you need to promote, launch, and distribute the campaign to your workforce.

How Can Business Travel Affect Health?

Business travel can be hard on globally mobile employees’ health. Discover how programs, initiatives, and solutions can help them stay well in any new work environment.